Monday, May 28, 2007

Print O the Wave - FINISHED!

print o wave 5 print o wave 2
print o wave 1 print o wave 4

Needles: 3.75mm Rosewood Circulars. Truly a dream to knit with.
Yarn: Kid silk haze, 5 whole balls. Well, I have 3/4 a ball left over, very frustrating, I think if I did it again I'd probably make it a slightly tighter gauge which would keep it to 4 balls.
Pattern: Print O the Wave Stole from Eunny. It has mistakes, it's not especially well written. I really think she should go over this pattern again. It'd take her 5 minutes to fix and re-upload. As a free pattern on a blog, it's fine (though I'd expect an et cetera), but there are too many problems for it to be a decent calling card for the editor of Interweave. Still, the finished piece was nice enough. We gave it to Marcus' Gran this weekend (for her 80th birthday) - he was right, the colour really does bring out her eyes.

EDIT: Mistakes are as Eunny posted in knitter's review (see comments on this post). I did the two panels, but if I did it again I'd do just one. I actually think it'd look nicer.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Chasing the Cheshire Cat

I don't normally theme my knitting to my research output. In fact, I never do; this is just coincidence. Two recent FOs.
chasing the cheshire cat

One, a recently published essay applying the concept of 'invisible boundaries' to a version of Alice in Wonderland retold to teach quantum physics (much is made of the Cheshire Cat's appearing and re-appearing). Nestled on top, the storytellers socks, complete with illusion knit (cheshire) cat.

You aren't getting full photos of the socks. Those have been taken, but are to be emailed to Robynn later today, along with the pattern, you'll have to check out the storytellers site for that.

My next paper's on branding. Maybe I should knit a logo.

EDIT: My essay is pretty obscure. But if you're looking for books that use stories to explain modern physics, the best place to start is with this author.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

catching up

crochet shawl again

I'll catch up with what the photo is of in a moment. Firstly, from the comments of the last post. The shoes are from Office, but about three years ago, at the end of a sale. The fabric is from cottonpatch; they have loads of similarly beautiful ones (and great service). The skirt is made up of six triangle-ish panels. And thanks for the complements on my legs, but the photo was taken in the mirror, which, I fear had a slight lengthening effect (I suffer from muscular calves - but, hey, it's not that much of a distortion!).

I'm very excited about the Ester-along in all it's purple glory. Also in the knit-o-sphere, Storytellers have a blog, and their first question is 'What Would Buffy Knit?' (something with wooden needles, naturally...). On the subject of storytellers, my cheshire cat socks are going well. I think I've finally sorted the ear issue, and hope to have them done and dusted by the weekend.

The best catching up this week, however, was the return of one of my best friends, who's spent the last year traveling. A few months before she left she gave me a giant ball of pink boucle acrylic and told me to make her something. I ummed and erred and swore at the snaggy-ness of the yarn before finally deciding on a giant crochet wrap. It's the sweat pea shawl from the Happy Hooker. I'll finish with a close up of the boucle-ness of it all. It's so wonderfully pink and plastic it actually smells like a My Little Pony.

close up of the boucle yarn

Monday, May 07, 2007

cotton skirt

I made a skirt! Sewn. On the sewing machine (though I admit, I did the hem by hand*).

Unfortunately because it is (a) May Bank holiday and (b) I was planning a walk by the river, it is, naturally, raining. So it's indoor photos, and without the best light. But I think the fabric is strong enough to cope with a bit of a grey sky. And, yes, the red dots on the shoes are lady birds.

my skirt

me wearing skirt

* Unlike about everyone I know, I like hand sewing, I find it easier. I think it comes from being such an extreme kinesthetic learner.