Saturday, June 14, 2008

Treasure Hunt!

Kirsty and Lara and I made up a team for iKnit's Treasure Hunt today (for world-wide knit in public day). There were a whopping 61 questions, many quite cryptic and a few knit-themed anagrams, which took us all over central London. We had a lovely walk about town, saw all the main tourist attractions, stumbled across a giant Thai festival in Trafalgar Square, spotted an amazing fly-over of vintage military planes and er, ran into a naked cycling demonstration, as apparently it was also world-wide cycle naked day (I didn't spot anyone combining the two events).

We had to knit a 15-st wide scarf in DK yarn while we walked around - there was a bonus prize for the longest bit of knitting. I can't believe how long some of the completed scarves were, London has some fast knitters. There were also bonus points for photo-challenges, evidence of some are below (more on flickr).

Challenge: To knit with a celebrity (we cheated a bit outside the National Portrait gallery). A couple of people got Terry Pratchett!

Celeb knitting

Challenge: To knit on a Routemaster bus (i.e. the oldskool pretty ones). The conductor was absolutely delighted to see knitting.

kirsty knitting on a routemaster!

Challenge: Knit in London landmarks starting with the letters P U R & L. This is P for Public Telephone Box.

phone box knitting

... and U for Urinal. I love this photo. But I am a child and love all pee jokes.

we(e) knit

Challenge: To find a street name relating to knitting. We cheated a bit again, with the aid of the magnetic strip of a travelcard. We also had 'The Cut', with a photo mimicking steeking.

wool street (well, wooden...)

We were absolutely exhausted by the end, but it was *ooodles* of fun and great to finally meet Lara. A perfect day off from thesis-editing. Thanks so much to Gerard and Craig for organising it.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

light in sight

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.


On my thesis. That's chapter seven (of nine) pretty much done. Two more to polish (they are basically done), then I'm editing the thing as one (giant) narrative, which I hope shouldn't be much of a job, as I've been treating it as a whole thesis for a while. Then, maybe (just maybe) I can hand it in.

thesis WIP (chap 7)

On the bleeding Muir I seem to have been working on for YEARS (well, since March). It seems like forever, as I had to frog a good four inches. I'm at the boarder though, and it's just garter stitch (with the odd picot) from then on in.

Muir nearly done

And, annoyingly, on my favourite jacket. I've had it for about nine years now, and have been darning and patching up holes for the last five. However, I fear it may finally be gone. I'm all about the re-use and re-cycle though, so I'll think of something to do with the fabric. Reconstructed denim is a tad too 80s-tastic though, don't you think? Idea ideas?

jacket with hole

Whilst I get going with finishing all this off, I'll leave you with some pictures of pretty Yorkshire Sheep.

black sheep - aww sheep
sheep grazing black sheep side