Monday, November 27, 2006

problem with t'noggin

I knitted a hat.

Using Wormhead's ingenious Whirly Rib pattern, I striped Kureyon with a solid purple Cashmerino. To avoid itching from the wool, I worked cashmerino only for the rim, then striped in the gradually. The yarn and the pattern worked so well. The colours; gorgeous. I finished at the end of last week and already had compliments from non-knitters and knitters alike.

Lack of photographic evidence?

I left on the bus this morning. I was tired and frustrated by seeing the bus I was going to change onto pass us. I might be able to try the London Transport lost property office, but don't hold out much hope.

Grump grump grump. I was planning on blogging about it this evening and really looking forward to it.

But in good news I drunkenly made my boyfriend wear my pink scarf on saturday night (went surprisingly well with his yellow tee-shirt). Now smells of him. Which is comforting considering the lack of whirly wool hat to keep my noggin* warm.

*Brit slang - I mean head. Though you probably worked that out.


Anonymous said...

It's nestled in their lost property archives, cuddled up with my favourite ruck sack that I lost when I was 13. It contained a picture of me with Po from the Teletubbies. I loved it.

Actually, I left it sat on the platform, so it was probably part of a controlled explosion long ago.

Pig wot flies said...

Oh no! Maybe it's keeping some cold person's head toasty warm instead.

littlelixie said...

Oooooo no! You've got huge sympathy from knitters everywhere.

Anonymous said...

oh suck! i lost a really nice pair of mittens and a super soft hat when my bag was stolen in february, it almost upset me more than the loss of my passport, especially the very very cold day i had to go to croyden to get my visa replaced. i hope some kind person returns it.

on an unrelated note, are either you and or kirsty interested in joining my somewhat depleted team (jeremy's away on business and another memeber has just moved house) for the clockhouse pubquiz on tuesday? it's usually pretty fun and once we even won and got money!

gleek said...

oh no! i hate it when handknits get lost. so disappointing :( i hope it makes it back to you somehow!

Lara said...

That is very sad indeed. I hate it when I leave thing on buses but I have got really unlikely things back - like wallets from helpful bus drivers so fingers crossed! I think the whirly-rib pattern looks super fun, maybe you are destined to knit many whirly-rib hats and then release them into the wild in a book-crossing fashion?

sally said...

Oh no!

I'm sure it was lovely. At least the scary-warm winter we're having means you can do without a hat for a few more weeks!

Woolly Wormhead said...

Oh no! I'd be gutted too, all that hard work. If you don't get it back from London Transport, hopefully it's found it's way to a grateful recipient.

I was *so* looking forward to seeing the finished Hat!

purls said...

Oh no!

That's horrible!!

KnittyOtter said...

That's just sad. :( I hate loosing stuff. Really grates on me, so the idea of loosing a JUST finished hat makes me shudder. Ack.

I hope if you can't find it that someone who can really use it finds it.


kath said...


...and you hadn't even blogged it up. At least other people saw it - it would have been horrible if there were *no* witnesses to a knitted piece!

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