Friday, August 17, 2007

FO: quilt (plus question about Japan)

I finished the quilt!

quilt section quilt section 4
quilt section 2 quilt section

Actually, I finished it last week, but have been waiting for a day with decent enough light to take a photo. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't constantly rain in the UK, we have been having a bizarrely wet summer.


It's pretty simple, I just made it up myself, but I'm pleased about it as a first go. I really enjoyed it and am itching to do another. But I'll have to stick to small ones; my sewing machine isn't big enough to fit a larger one. Or I guess I could hand-quilt the middle section.

Working from home today also means I was in for the delivery of some Amazon swag. I'm going to Japan next week. First to Kyoto for this conference, then to Tokyo for a few days on my own, largely to geek over the quantity of science museums there.


The crochet collection and steampunk are for the long flight. I emailed Virgin and they have assured me my knitting needles will not be classed as offensive, but I figured a novel, hook and crochet pattern for back up might be worthwhile. The guidebook, although great in many ways, is missing the all important list of 'yarn and fabric shops you really must go to' (tsk tsk, when will Lonely Planet catch up?) for which I ask the assistance of you, dear readers - any recommendations? I know at least two of you have recently bought yarn in Japan because I squeed over their hauls.


amp said...

one of the knitmags - interweave or vogue - had an article about yarn shopping in tokyo a few issues back, with names & locations of shops. i will check through my stash when i get home. =]

gleek said...

i just sent you an email with a spreadsheet of tokyo yarn stores that i got from pinkurocks. let me know if you don't receive it!

Veronique said...

Nice quilt! I can see the sky, the ocean and the sand :)
have fun in Japan!

Christie said...

Oh Japan! How amazing!

And depending on how long of a flight you have and how fast of a crocheter you are, you could probably get pretty far on the Blue Curacao shawl! ;)

Specs said...

Lovely quilt!

I couldn't give you yarn store recommendations, but I could tell you some places to visit in Kyoto if you're interested. It's my favorite city in Japan and there's always something to do no matter what you're looking for. (modern? traditional? shopping? hiking? temple? the "everything's 100-yen" store?)

schrodinger said...

Looks like you have the yarn shopping thing covered. Have fun in Japan!!

pavlova said...

In Kyoto there's a yarn shop which is slightly old-ladyish store but still has all the main names (noro, as well as imported rowan/jaeger and other italian yarn as well as Puppy - which is one of the big jap yarn providers). It's in the shopping complex below the main train station (which is quite huge but I'm sure you'll find it if you have a long enough gander - it's a good shopping centre otherwise anyhow...)

I hope it's still there - went there the christmas before last.

Alternatively as you come out of the main train station, there's the observation tower thingy (it's really tall, can't really miss it) and has a department store built into the bottom. In the basement (from what I remember) they had a haberdashery which sold everything from yarn to other stuff like quilting/crafting fabric as well as other craft stuff.

Basically if those fail, try to find a massive department store... My japanese isn't terribly good so I can't remember the word for knitting or craft... ah damn.

Knit Nurse said...

Sorry I can't help with yarn stores in Kyoto or Tokyo. I did a quick google and found this blog that might be useful

In my experience knitting is not a problem on any flight these days as long as you use small wooden, plastic or bamboo needles (ie not metal) and don't declare them. If you've got something official from Virgin, even better. Socks are perfect - have a great trip!

Kim said...

i'm sorry i haven't got any tokyo suggestions ... i'm actually looking for london-area yarn store suggestions! whatever is brilliant, unique, must-see, etc. - to have a great souvenir-yarn hunting experience. i'm headed to london on wednesday, and i know i'll be spending a night near kings cross, but other than that - any input you have would be fantastic!

and have a great trip yourself!

Alice said...

Also left on Kim's blog:

re: your question on my blog

Best listing for London Yarn Stores is here:

Liberty's and John Lewis are close and central, but are in department stores and basically do Rowan and Debbie Bliss. Liberty's is worth visiting though, partly for the fabric but also because the building is BEAUTIFUL. There is an indie one (All the fun of the fair) close by, but its v small.

Also iknit and Loop are close to center and worth the tube journey.

ashley said...

i dont know where any yarn stores are in kyoto but i can tell you what to say to find one .. sumimasen, ito tenpo wa doko desu ka? .. i dont know if you know japanese but the i is pronounced like e and every thing is said how it is spelt :)

good luck i hope you have a good time


susan said...

how very exciting, conquering a quilt! And it is very stylish. Have fun in Japan! Lucky bummer!

knittingphilistine said...

What a fantastic quilt!!