Sunday, September 12, 2010

Piano made from cassette tapes

This has nothing to do with knitting but it's something somebody made and I think it's beautiful. A "piano" built from cassette tapes. It's from a Harvey Nicholls window display, hence the mannequin in the background of the last image.

tapes and tape

I love the way they've used black and white tape cases to make the keys, as well as empty cases and a mix of standard sized and smaller DAT tapes. I think my favourite bit is the use of the tape itself - again of varying sizes, as strings of the piano.



piano made from DAT tapes

I took the photos on the way home from the Natural History Museum last month, after helping out at their Stitch a Squid workshop. It was around 10pm - late-opening at the Museums - and the light shining through the transparent tape cases sparkled in the dark.

If you want another (tenuous) knitting reference, here's a picture of some piano socks I made a few years back.

Normal knit-blogging will resume shortly. I'm currently knitting a higgs boson. Why? Look here.


Jen (pieKnits) said...

Ha, that's awesome!

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ridiculous!! absolutely wonderful piano, never see nothing grandiose as this one!

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