Monday, April 25, 2011

What am I knitting. Where am I knitting?

My latest work in progress, can you guess what it is yet?

knitting wip

It's going to be a scarf, based on the Step Up afghan from Woolly Thoughts. The pattern is the sort of super-logical and efficient-as-possible one I love. There's lots of picking up stitches, knitting one shape into another, and rules like all triangles are stocking stitch, or vertical parallelograms have garter stitch light-coloured stripes. I'm still getting to grips with these rules, but am getting there.

Rather than what am I knitting, a better question might be where am I knitting it? Ignore the old bag from a conference in Florence; that's a red herring.

knitting long

If you can't quite work out that white fuzzy dome in the background, here's a better shot, stepping out from the macro a bit:

knitting by capitol - portrait

I'm in DC for a couple of months, visiting faculty at American University, School of Communication. I'll also be spending a bit of time in New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Toronto and Ottawa while I’m here. Any don't miss knitting things to do, people to see, yarn to squeeze? (don't think I can make Maryland Sheep and Wool).

I just managed to catch the last day of the Crochet Reef display at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History on it's last day. Best two overheards there: "it's not coral, it's made of sweater stuff" (but in a tone of "and OMG that is awesome") and "it wasn't just one person you know, it was loads of people, it's a community project" (again, clearly the speaker thought this was the best bit. I agree).

crochet reef - hanging

crochet reef

crochet reef - do not touch


Rebecca said...

Hooray for knitting outdoors in the spring! Hooray for visiting my fair continent!

You need (need!) to go to Americo and Romni while you're visiting Toronto They are both in the same area (Queen Street West) and there are a lot of nearby tasty restaurants and coffee places in which to sit down and admire your new yarn. Romni has some of everything (it is basically warehouse-sized), and Americo has unique and lovely llama and cotton yarns in a beautiful palette. There are lots of fabric stores on Queen West too if you are interested in making it an interdisciplinary crafty shopping adventure.

squishyfishy said...

My suggestions for Toronto revolve mostly around food (I didn't really get into knitting until I left) although I agree with Rebecca that Queen St. W. is a promising part of town. Amy Singer's Lettuce Knit is in the St. Lawrence Market area (good to search through for overpriced by kitschy vintage stores).
If you're up in Ottawa, probably the nicest yarn store is Wabi-Sabi (in the trendy not-quite-downtown part called Westboro). Certainly while you're here, you should drop into a Bridgehead; there's nowhere else in Canada that makes coffee quite like they do. (Let us know if you do; we'll show up and bring our knitting!)
If you're up for a day trip, there is an alpaca farm out the west end of town, as well.
: ) Safe travels, and I hope you have fun!
I hope you have

Alisha @ Crafty Brooklyn Army Wife said...

I love DC. We were stationed near there for 2 years. I am also a beginner knitter too. I will be following your blog to learn to be a better knitter.

I loved your quilted lap top bag too.

Have a great day!!

startare said...

Lucky you! I only just clicked that you are the same Alice as the looking glass, even though I've followed this blog on and off for a bit.
Hope the coral reef will come to France one day.

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