Monday, April 17, 2006

decomposing to clap

So I had this great idea of a "decomposing lace" scarf. Small patches of detailed lace randomly running in and out of a basic stocking stitch base. I'd take a load of virgin merino and dye the poop out of it with kool aid. It'd be georgous, they're be some 70s style environmental comment in there somewhere (trust me, I'm working to be a Dr on this) and I'd submit it to the college art competition.

I dyed the yarn. I had fun. It turned out yummy.

I dried it, I balled it and got my needles out. I tried a rectangle and a triangle and a rectangle again. I tried several different lace patterns. I came to two conclusions:

1) The yarn was more verigated than I planned. This is in many ways a good thing. But too verigated for this rather mixed texture design. I don't really like complex stitch patterns with complex colour mixes.

2) The image of the design I had in my head lost something in the translation to pattern. Looking at it knitted up, I realised the mental image actually used two different weights of yarn, the lace a detailed 4ply, the rest of it a garter/ stocking stitch cloud of aran.

So I gave up the decomposing lace idea (for now - I may return once I've learnt to crochet, probably in plain white or cream). Instead I thought I'd make my very own exchequered. I thought I could work the MC and CC both as this kool aid yarn, because the slight stripes would been gently broken up by the swap at each box. It'd be a lot more subtle than the black and yellow, but that should be a good thing.

However... turns out? The yarn? For this idea? Isn't verigated ENOUGH. Plus double knit with the same colours is a pain in the bottom. Frogged again.

So a load of dk weight verigated yarn?

What's a knitter to do?

Clapotis of course.


Specs said...

Rock on with the Clapotis.

And your yarn looks much nicer than the Kool Aid dyed yarn I remember making as a kid. What's your secret?

vardakeerutaja said...

ahhaa... you, too!LOL

amy said...

the call of the clapotis gets us all in the end

Alexis said...

Yay clapotis!

I got my yarn from Canada today, so I can now clapote at leisure.

Well, after I ball it up I can...

gina said...

Your yarn is lovely and choosing a basic/geometric pattern is a wise move. It's so sad to see a gorgeous lacey piece camouflaged by the yarn.

sue said...

great to see a knitter saying she'll leave an idea till she can crochet.

not something you usually see.

Sarah said...

My Clapotis is the most useful, wearable knitted object that I've made. In fact, I'm wearing it right now!
Enjoy yours :)

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