Saturday, November 11, 2006

FO - silk sash for wedding

silk sash

I decided to knit this to go with the dress I wore to my cousin's wedding, and it was my project for the train up there. In the end, it didn't quite go with the dress in (not quite thin or wide enough) but did work VERY well in my hair instead. It'll probably work with other dresses, and again in the hair. And maybe as a very small scarf come spring.

Pattern It's a long rectangle... the stitch pattern for those who want to play (multiple of 4 sts, +1):

Rows 1 and 3: knit
Row 2: p1, *p3tog put don't drop the st off the needle, yo, then purl another time into the p3tog before releasing the stitch (i.e. you make three sts into a double-decrease - neat!), p1**, repeat from * to ** till end.
Row 4: p3, then * to ** until last 3 sts, p3.

It was a really fun stitch pattern, I know the photos (black yarn!) aren't that great, but the effect is sort of like crochet. I'm thinking of doing a pair of mittens using it.

Yarn Debbie Bliss pure silk in black. Lovely to work. But you know all the complaints about cashmerino pilling? Imagine a yarn that pills as you knit it. What is with all the cable patterns she's done for it?! It feels lovely and has a nice sheen, but I wouldn't cables it (even if you could afford a silk cable jumper!).

Needles My smiley face 3.25mms.


Anushka said...

I love the blackberry stitch with the yarn. Very pretty.

knittingphilistine said...

Lovely stitch...and I actually really like the black. Love the shine, too. Beautiful!

Bagpuss said...

I've just knit whitewater wristwarmers from Magknits with the DB Pure Silk and you are so right about the pilling, I've never experienced anythign like it. It is so so soft though.

Ally said...

I think the idea of a silk sweater is crazy anyway - your sash looks lovely though

Lara said...

Really nice stitch pattern. Shame about the silk pilling - I was going to use some for the Icord bits on the Sgt Pepper jacket but might think again. I thought it shimmered really well but not if it is going to pill like crazy!

Ellen said...

Very pretty pattern!

And I agree about the yarn. I am working with it as my "travel" project right now and while it feels great to knit with, it definately has its issues. By the time you're done knitting the project, it doesn't really even look new anymore! But, like I said, it's nice to work with. said...

Well, I do not really believe this will have success.