Friday, December 15, 2006

FO: fair isle hotwater bottle cover

hot water bottle cover

I felted a swatch of the the fair isle project I was working on. It didn't felt that evenly, so a lot of the colourwork pattern was lost. Plus all the green went out of the turquoise yarn - a plain blue just wasn't the same.

So I decided the fabric would have to be kept un-felted and, after taking a few measurements, realised it would make a perfect hotwater bottle cover. My mother, who doesn't have my issues with wool. has just moved house, so it was an ideal housewarming present.

I sewed up the cast-on edge. I'd started it with a few rounds of garter stitch, hence the odd edge. For the top, I shifted to working just in brown and decreased a few sts evenly around. Then, after a few cm of st st, I worked a couple repeats of a cross stitch pattern*, through which I run a crochet-chain of the CC as tie. The friction between the yarns means the tie bunches up very neatly.

The book I found the fair isle design in was from Marion, who was my SP last spring. The yarn was a thank you gift from Veronique, who's SP I was. I'm pleased I managed to match them.

* This is similar to the stitch pattern I used in my knitterati entry - I'm going to post the pattern for that in a few weeks.


Alice said...

Very good colours. You are very inventive.

I've been thinking I must knit a cover for ages now, but still haven't. I cannot be without a HWB until spring is in full bloom. I may take inspiration from your cover (again).

gleek said...

ok, first of all, loving the new blog template :) (of course, trying to get google to remember me is a pain in the butt, but anyway...)

and i'm in love with this hot water bottle cover! the blue just pops so nicely against the brown and that stitch pattern is perfect. great idea!

Stacey said...

That came out beautiful - I love the colors and the pattern!

carolyn says said...

the colors photographed really nicely! also that is a really good gift idea, glad you figured out what to do with it

Terra said...

Well done, great pattern and gorgeous colours!

Sidney said...

This is the most gorgeous hot water bottle cover I've encountered so far! I love this aspect of knitting: elevating the mundane to the sublime.

Elizabeth said...

Wow! It's lovely. Those colors are beautiful together. It's a gorgeous housewarming gift - well done.

Ilana said...


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Woolly Wormhead said...

Blimey, you've been doing well with all your FO's lately! Great idea, to make a cover - works well and sm sure it will be warm and cosy.

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