Thursday, April 12, 2007


Look, an ESTER knitalong* has been set up by the delightful nuttnbunny and Christina. You can join up through this page. Their icon is fantastic, perfectly purple and I love the juxtaposition of fonts. Although, as I type this, I realised it does crop me to my bosoms**, I'm not used to being so represented by my breasts :)

* We don't use the KAL acronym in this house, my flatmate, who's initials are KAL won't allow it.
** Bosoms, that's a great word. People should use it more. Bosoms. I'm going to have some odd traffic here through search engines now, aren't I?


nuttnbunny said...

Thanks! I think it was really Jessicah's idea. :-)

We're putting together a blog:

Anonymous said...

Ha! Yes, you might get some "interesting" folk accessing your site with the use of such words as "breasts" and "bosoms"! I apologize for the "crop", but that's where all the detail is! Hope you don't mind... Next time I make a button for a design of yours, I'll remember to crop elsewhere... lol! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!

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