Saturday, July 21, 2007


Despite working pretty hard since I got back from holiday, and slashing a crucial knitting finger while cutting bread this week (not to mention the various addictions of facebook) I've managed some craft output.

tufo socks

A pair of socks - toe up jaywalkers with a short-row heel, using Tofutsies. The yarn smells funny. Really funny, to the extent that it makes your fingers smell. And I don't like the colour nearly as much as I thought I would (bought it online). That said, it feels nice enough and it is exciting to have socks with chitin and soysilk in it! I still have 45g left. I suppose I could use it for a slightly psychedelic baby-top.

The top of the quilt's done. I was going to finish it today, but I think I might use a sparkly top thread, which'll require a shop trip. I'm plugging along with a couple of double-knit scarves a friend asked me to knit (you can see a sneaky WIP shot here) and cast-on a tweedy Rosalind yesterday.

I have a question with all these scarves. I hate fringes. Hate them. With the double-knit ones I really don't think they need them, so (like exchequered) I think I'll leave it fringe-less. But with Rosalind I think I need something. Am I alone in this hatred of fringes, and does anyone have an idea for an alternative?


Robynn said...

You could string large-ish beads along the bottom. A friend did this and it looked fantastic. (I quite like fringes in their proper place, but I agree, scarves are not necessarily that place.)

Ami said...

I'm not generally a fan of the fringe. Mostly because I'm not a tidy enough person to keep them from looking ratty. So in my book, fringeless is fine.

pigbook1 said...

I used that same colorway for my very first pair of sox. Mine didn't smell funny but I know a couple of people have said that. Your sox look great. As far as fringe, I don't do fringe but if it looks really awful put something like a mini version of the pattern going the opposite way as an edging that usually works pretty well. So if you have a cable that runs the length of the scarf do a smaller one that runs the width on both ends. I hope that makes sense.

itslikearuin said...

Facebook will steal your life.
I have to say, I quite like fringes on scarves, but I can never get them to look particularly neat.

Stacey said...

you could always do the twisty I cord at the bottom - it's kind of fringy, but not REAL fringe...

Agatq said...

my types (as i am not a fringe fan, either) are i-cord or just the plain edge. i think that a pompom on the corner looks cute, too, but it depends on the scarf.

Pig wot flies said...

Love the skyline scarf!
I dunno, I quite like fringes.
Crocheted loops?
Or mini spirals, like a mini version of a curly whirly scarf - cast on some stitches, increase into all of them, cast off - would echo the dna theme, but would probably be tedious to knit and not very unlike fringe.

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