Saturday, December 29, 2007

Pottering about

lilypad washcloths 2

We're right in the middle of those weird few days between Christmas and New Year. It's not a public holiday, but half the country seems to have shut up shop. There is an air of not-working everywhere.

I have work to do. I need to write an overview of my thesis - a paragraph for each chapter which succinctly states what I will be arguing. It's a short enough document, but tricky in its brevity. Pottering about while the overview mulls through the back of my mind seems to be the way to go. This sort of work is an iterative process which requires a lot of mental distance, so it's nice to have some relatively quiet time to space my thoughts out.

Over the last few days I've entertained myself filling in YouGov surveys, (re)reading Phillip Pullman novels and watching bad kid's movies (the latter two do sort of count as research for me). I gave my mother a sock-knitting lesson, did a pile of hand-washing, played with a pattern write-up, sewed some buttons, visited the winter sales, hoovered the hall and scrubbed the bath, every now and again returning to my thesis overview. Having spent the last couple of hours typing up my latest set of notes, I think a break to blog a so-far-secret Christmas FO is in order.

Pattern: Reverse-Bloom Washcloth (free!).
Yarn: Euroflax Linen sportweight, leftover from my bottoms-up top. I managed three washcloths with a bit over half a ball.
Needles: 2.5mm circular (smaller lily), 3.25mm (larger two).
Notes: It's a reasonably quick project, though not as quick as you might think. I wasn't sure if I had enough yarn for a third, so I fudged the design slightly to make it smaller - it's very easily adaptable. An excellent stash-buster and, finished-off with a tiny bar of violet-scented soap, made fantastic stocking-fillers.

lilypad washcloths 1


Nadia said...

Lovely! That colour is great.

The_Add_Knitter said...

Pottering about--my specialty! And I love that Lush soap, so fragrant. Hope you continue to enjoy the season...

gleek said...

i love lush soap :) it doesn't get any better! the washclothes are really cute. i'm sure they made an excellent gift.

sparklerawk said...

A washcloth and soap, such a cute idea! And good choice giving Lush. :)

sharon said...

Apparently Lush are discontinuing Gratuitous Violets. It's my favourite soap too. :(

Rose said...

I like the dark color you made yours. I made a few of these right after I bought the book and you're right; they're a little fiddly and take a little more time than you'd think, but they're so cute. I should do a few now that the Christmas rush is over.

Jenny said...

I know what you mean about this time of year. Back to work now.

Kerry said...

That pattern's a great idea. I must make more washcloths - always useful.

purls said...

Oooh violet soap! Mmmmm. Lovely match for a deep green too.

Karen said...

these are so nice. I have made a few of these out of Sugar & Cream cotton that I had on hand, and thought (with nicer yarn) that they would make excellent little gifts for co-workers or wonderful donations for our charity sales at work just as you presented them. Unfortunately I haven't been on the ball enough to get them completed yet. You reminded me again that I bought a skein of Mission Falls cotton to make one! Maybe I'll pull it out and get started so I'll have one ready when the next occasion presents itself!

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