Sunday, January 09, 2011

Time catching up

2011 is the year I turn 30. This isn't something I'm especially worried about. You can't work in a university (as I do), surrounded by all the hope and energy of youth, and have a problem with feeling older. If anything, I quite like the idea of growing towards wise old biddie status.

Still, I admit that on opening a new calendar on the 1st of Janurary and realising this really was the year I'd leave my 20s, I painted my fingernails with purple glitter and dug out some very old CDs.

Luckily, I have a host of friends who have recently passed through the big 3-0 to guide me on my way. I've already blogged about flatmate-Kirsty turning 30. Here are two scarves I made over the Christmas break for other recently-turned-30 friends.

First up, a scarf for my old university friend, Uslan. You'll have to excuse the slightly dodgy iphone pics - I left my camera at home on the only afternoon I had the scarves before I wrapped them up to give them away.

me in Uslan's scarf

I've made a scarf for Uslan before (Exchequered, which is in Spring '06 Knitty) but that was about five years ago, so I offered a new one. We discussed size, shape and colour and after passing some example photos back and forth, this is the result: four skeins Colinette Point 5 knitted in brioche rib on giant 10mm needles (see ravelry project page). As Kirsty said about the yarn: it's as if Barbie was sick on a sheep.

The resulting scarf is also incredible long. A scarf to wrap yourself in and hide (or possibly just mask your wrinkles, not that Uslan has wrinkles, I'm sure).

buried in a Uslan's scarf

Secondly, a small shawlette for Anne-Marie, who I was at university with and worked at the Science Museum with too. Anne-Marie was also my old flatmate before I lived with Kirsty: we had a teeny-tiny little flat by Mornington Crescent (amazing views over Euston Station).

me in garter haruni

The pattern is Haruni by Emily Ross. This is meant to be entirely lace, but I subbed chart A for a bit of plain knitting, because that’s what the cool kids do. However, rather than the stocking stitch most people seem to opt for, I went for garter stitch. I'm on a bit of a garter stitch kick at the moment. I used felted tweed, which is supposed to be a DK weight, but is nearer 4ply so it's quite small, but a pretty little shawlette nonetheless (ravelry project page).


yaga said...

I don't know about you, but I like my scarves really long. It kind of gives me a feeling of security (there will always be a possibility of one more wrap in case im cold). maybe thats something you get when you turn old, hehe.^^
Oh and I made exchequered for my bf for xmas this year, it turned out great and he looooves it!!! <3

Daisy said...

Having survived as far as 31 I can report that it isn't too bad. Although I still can't be that old as I STILL get annoyed when people think I'm younger than I am!

Julie said...

Those are some seriously awesome scarves! I got a chuckle out of the yarn being described as 'barbie sick on a sheep'. If it makes you feel any better, I love my 30s so far (I'm 32). I feel more at home in my own skin than I did in my 20s, more assured of who I am and what I want from my life.

Kara said...

I just want to snuggle up in those big chunky scarves. They look so comfy.

From what I've seen, I think you are going to be an awesome 30 year old.

The A.D.D. Knitter said...

Really great projects, both of 'em! I, too, am all about subbing in plain knitting when the pattern veers toward overly busy. Enjoy your year-long celebration of turning 3-0:)

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