Sunday, July 09, 2006

gone fishing

I'm in a very good mood. Really, a very good mood. As in I'm worried about chemical balances in my brain.

I had oddles of fun at a History of Science Conference yesterday and have been whistling a happy tune ever since I got back. Someone dressed up as Mary Anning. I saw old friends and made new ones. I had some intelligent conversation and got to make geological models out of bread and cheese. And obviously my paper rocked in all the right places and was presented with charm and authority, because my papers always do. Ahem.

Plus I'm going on holiday tomorrow. For a whole week. Camping in Padstow.

This is project I'm taking with me. *start Rolf Harris voice* Can you guess what it is yet? *end Rolf impression* (apart from a messy kitchen table, of course).

(clue: it's a mixture of two of my patterns and something I've been threatening to make for a while)


Phoe said...

I'm envious, I love Padstow! Have a great time.

gleek said...

DNA socks? i think it is! :) have a great time on vacation.

Christabel said...

Science and camping? Lucky duck!
Have a lovely holiday.

Amy said...



How awesome. (Still plugging away on my second lovemeknot.)

Bagpuss said...

I hope it is DNA socks! How cool and what a great way to impress my genetics lectuere next year. i'm already looking for the perfect yarn to make Roaslind - and no i didn't have to Goole it, she's such an unsung hero!!! Love you stuff.
p.s in the magknits text for rosalind you mention a DNA cable scarf can anyone point me in the right direction of a pattern please?

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