Monday, October 30, 2006


This project was so quick it didn't make to my sidebar. I mentioned in my last post that my boyfriend's mother requested a balaclava for a ten year old. I didn't know exactly why, but it was easier not to ask. As it turns out, Di was teaching the "Balaclava Boy" (story in this book studied in many schools) but none of the students knew what a balaclava was.

Looking for patterns I found this amazing site on Red Cross balaclava's, and I love Noa. But I couldn't find a pattern for child's balaclava that was right. As a teaching aid, it did need to look very balaclava-like. In the end I worked it out myself.

I worked a top down hat until it got to the circumference Yarn Standard's suggested for a child's head. Then bound off a third of the stitches, worked flat for what I guessed was the length of a child's head, cast sts back on, rejoined in round, did a few rows then swapped to smaller needles and ribbed a few inches, ending with a sewn bind off.

It took a couple of trips to work on the bus and a few hours in the evening tv-knitting. A week's project, but hassle-free week. With the tablecloth done and still enough knitting days till xmas I had the time.

I got thank you texts yesterday saying Di had tried it on and it "does wonders for the double chins", suggesting this as a marketing possibility. I could see the balaclava working with some of those clean masculine lines this year. Maybe chain mail large guage or with a chunky cable, and grey naturally :)

EDIT: Yarnforward are looking for people to knit a few projects for the next issue - they are all really small and it'd be a great way of showcasing your knitting. Check the Yarnforward Blog for details.


vardakeerutaja said...

When I read your last post, I wondered what is balaclava. Now my english vocabulary is bigger, again.

gleek said...

i think that's the first ever knit balaclava that i've seen in blogland! :)

Veronique said...

Oh, so *that's* what a balaclava is! I was thinking baklava. Hmm, it's close to lunchtime...
Anyway, in France, they're called cagoule. We all wore them, and I have the pictures to prove it!

susan said...

I never thought of knitting a hat (or balaclava) top-down before. I wonder how you start it... *goes off to google*

purls said...

ha ha!

I'm thinking of a whole load of balaclava's in Urban Outfitters now!

Alice said...

also emailed to Veronique:

I call a raincoat a cagoule (though maybe it's spelt differently, if I
write it, I spell it "raincoat") although I think that might be a
brand name, like saying Hoover for vacuum cleaner or Xerox for
photocopier, there must have been some UK based rain coat maker that
thought "cagoule" sounded chic :)

I think the balaclava's are so named after the "Battle Of" - the one
with Florance Nightengale, think it was a Britian vs Russia 19th
Century thing and the Brit army got cold (Napolean and Hitler style)
so these hat and scarf things helped them keep warm.

Ariannah Armstrong said...

I at first misread that, and got a craving for some yummy Greek sticky phyllo walnutty dessert ;)

But seriously, I want to knit one of those... I'd been planning this for a while in this chilly Nova Scotia weather!

vickie said...

ooh yeah!! thanks so much for the words of guidance. I was looking for something for my nephew. he has lung problems and needs something to cover his nose and mouth (along with ears) when the weather is bad, as it was today. I will start casting the stiches back on sooner so that the opening is smaller and just leaves his eyes open and covers the lower face. Thanx :)

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