Thursday, November 30, 2006

solace on fair isle

wip shot - lost hat!

Downloading* photos from my camera yesterday, I found I a WIP shot of the lost hat. I'd completely forgotten I'd taken it. So I can share quite how lovely the colours were.

Easing my pain, I found a use for the blue and brown wool Veronique sent me. I finally got the hang of holding a colour in each hand, and am breezing along.

fair isle wip

I was going to do legwarmers, but I'm still worried about wool-itch. I'm pretty sure it'll be a bag, but if I felt it (yet to test a swatch) I could cut the fabric up for something else. It'd probably make a great bag, I'm just not sure I need one.

* Or is it uploading? In fact, what's the difference? When is the computer up or down?


Pig wot flies said...

Ooh, pretty fairisle.

Not sure abut the uploading/downloading thing. I know you upload things onto websites, e.g. putting photos on flickr. And downloading is when you get something off the net onto your computer. But I'm not sure which taking stuff from camera to computer is. I think you download from camera to computer, but I'm not sure. Ask someone geekier than me.

Ellen Alexandra said...

Yeah, from a camera to the computer is downloading... For the uploading/downloading thing in general: uploading is putting something from your computer onto a server somewhere (like posting a picture on the internet) and downloading is taking something from a server to your computer (like saving a picture to your computer from the internet)... yes, I know I am a geek... lol.

I am sorry about your hat. It looks like it was lovely.

Anonymous said...

The hat wool was lovely.... too bad about it being lost. At least as a knitter, you can make another!

Veronique said...

The many colors in your lost fair isle take my breath away. I'm glad you found a use for the blue and brown yarn I gifted you, but it's no comparison!

BlackRayne said...

I always thought it was uploading it from the camera to the computer (or from a disk to the computer, etc.). But that's just thw way my mind works.

It really sucks about the hat, because that looks gorgeous from the WIP photo.

Alice said...

also emailed to veronique:

the many colours are from Noro's stripes, not fair isle!

it's striped with a solid, then you work a pattern based on yo, ktog, which makes it go diagonally. It's a really nice effect, I might do some legwarmers on a similar stitch pattern

spajonas said...

i love the look of this fair isle!

the difference between uploading and downloading is in reference to YOUR perspective, where YOUR computer is in the mix. if something is being brought to your computer, then it's downloading. if your computer is putting files someplace else, it's uploading. that's it in a non-technical nutshell.

Marie said...

Take it from a bag-addict, you can never have too few bags (especially one as beautiful as the fair-isle you are working up). :) The Noro hat is so beautiful...I'm so sorry that it was lost.

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