Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I finished a jumper at the weekend. So far, this is the best photo of me wearing it.

green jumper, worm

I'm going to try to enroll the boyfriend into taking a proper shot of me wearing it next week, but it's hard to find a time when me, someone I trust the other side of a camera and the sunlight can all be scheduled together.

I like this photo though. Completely by accident, I realised the background (a section of my bedroom wall) says a lot about me.

The map in the bottom right hand corner is of London, the snippet you can see is roughly where I grew up. Next to this is Barbie. Note, this is Astro-Barbie, standing on the moon. Back when I was an undergrad I had to write an essay with a title something along the lines of "When Barbie's first words are 'Math is Hard', is there any hope for women in science?" I can't remember what my answer was, but I put this pic of Astro-Barbie on the cover.

To the left of Barbie is a postcard of a painting of my primary school. The large poster my hand is actually resting on is a diagrammatic history of the London Underground. I currently live roughly where my wrist is. This is the geekiest poster I own and I love it. Uslan, he of exchequered fame, gave it to me as a birthday present years ago and it always has pride of place in my flat.


rahime said...

Why do people always assume Barbie's a ditz just because of how she looks? Mine was a college undergrad and Olympic figure skater at the same time! Love the Astro Barbie... Anyway, nice sweater, can't wait to see the whole thing!

Marie said...

Love the sweater bit and the wall!

Christy said...

The sleeve looks nice, can't wait to see the rest. I used to play with my mom's orginal Barbie and a lot of the outfits for the original are career woman outfits. (Granted it is mostly stereotypical female jobs, but at that time just her being a career woman was something.) I didn't have an AstroBarbie outfit though.

Lara said...

The tube map looks fantastic, John (my boyfriend) would love it! (He owns all kinds of books about type and designing the tube map). I really like your forecast too, very nice indeed!

itslikearuin said...

I love the jumper already :D

gleek said...

what a great way to paper the wall of your room! i love it :)

Stacey said...

astro barbie...too funny....(though I would think her hair would get all messed up stuffed in there!)

that sweater looks cozy and wonderful - I love extra long sleeves!

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