Sunday, January 21, 2007

Knit a scarf for London Lions

In recent years the rather "military" tone of London's Trafalgar Square has been disrupted. Pieces of art now occupy a corner that, so far, isn't filled with a statue of some colonialist old gent (or lady, there's rumour they are saving it for Thatcher...).

With the new Mayor of London, we've also re-claimed the square as the heart of London, a public space for reflection and celebration, rather than simply making money from tourists.

But the knitting? Well, to add to this more homely approach to the square, some lovely ladies have had the idea of knitting giant scarves for the lions. They want sections (10 inches wide, whatever length) to stitch together to make the giant thing. They won't present the scarf to the lion until the end of February, so you have plenty of time.

It's all in aid of Cancer Research. More information here. Apparently they've been working on it since October - can't believe I've only just heard about it.


Cat said...

What a great idea! I'll have a dig into my stash for something that will brighten up the grey!

purls said...

Thanks for the link - what a good idea.

gina said...

That's one of the coolest public knitting projects I've heard of. You'll have to post an update when the scarves go "live."

Pig wot flies said...

Fabulous idea! Thanks for the info.

Stitch and Bitch London said...

Thanks so much for posting about us!

The scarf is going well and how now become scarves for all the lions! Also we have moved it to March now.

We are also collecting sponsor money now too. Hoping to raise loads for Cancer Research and warm up those chilly lions.

Keep an eye on our site at for all lion happenings. :)

Stitch and Bitch London
"Knit fast, purl young"

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