Monday, January 16, 2006

Alexis wearing tank top

Alexis wearing tank top!
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Alexis and Kirsty and I had afternoon tea for gift-exchange and general knitting on saturday.

We had two types of cake and many cups of tea. Kirsty nearly finished her fairly-easy cardi, Alexis cob-webbed away with her kidsilkhaze night jumper and I got on with my secret (shhhh) project.

Alexis had requested a tank top (from a 1970s Woolworths magazine) knitted for her for xmas, way back in the autumn before she'd started knitting herself. It was a weird lace-rib mainly done with purling, and a right pain. Plus the pattern was wrong and there were issues round the shoulders. But dispite that it actually came up really well. The lace rib looked a little like a mock cable and the shape round the neck was fine. The arms are huge, but as you're meant to wear it over stuff I suppose its sensible.

I used about 6 balls of Patons Gold (wool rich, tumble dry...) which I've decided is actually a really good yarn. But I'm never knitting a garment exclusively in black again. Not after a christmas of that and black mittens.


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