Wednesday, January 18, 2006

secret pal rocks!!

I got post today. Post from Estonia... *generally jumping up and down with excitement*

From my Secret Pal!

Two AMAZING books about Estonian mittens. They have a load of patterns, with information in English as well as Estonian. She said in the card with it that she didn't think we'd need mittens in London. Little does she know my nickname at university was "Mittens". PLUS... I was just thinking about exactly these sort of colour charts for the socks I want to do for my Grandfather. So its just perfect really.

Her "name" is riietaja which according to my Google-sources means "dresser".


Anonymous said...

Oo! you do homework!
Sorry,I haven't had time to check your blog earlier this week, freezing weather around here has freezed me too. I like that your knitting blog is now in blogger. I hope Bloglines works better with that.

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