Monday, January 30, 2006

stash rationale

Finished two things this weekend, but they are both presents, so stay un-photographed for now.

I have decided to take the It is Rocket Science appraoch; its not stash, its "unassembled socks". So have been happily lurking on sockwool sites today. I think here could provide me with the stuff for a pair of two-colour ones I want to make.

Still, I've said poo to the socks for now; I'll leave them all till the olympics (where I'll challenge myself to do three pairs in the sixteen days). So I got my merino chunky out to have a very-unportable (but very seasonal) cardigan. At least a chunky-weight could well be done by the time the olympic torch is lit. Plus I'm happy for it to be a home knitting project and try to read on the bus for a week or so. And its FREEZING out there. I need a warm layer!


Anonymous said...

6 socks during Olympics? You must really love sock knitting!


Whit said...

Hey - I'd love to have you join our Team DPN for the Olympics!! Hope to see you on the blog!!!

Jennifer said...

That is so the way to go.

Jennifer, the Rocket Scientist

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