Friday, January 27, 2006


Oh, such very, very exciting post.

The Rowan Soft for the sock's I'm knitting my Grandad during the Olympics (from the always reliable Get Knitted) and some georgeous Curious Yarns sockwool I used some money I got for xmas to buy. And new Rowan 39! You know your craft is too much of your life when you get three bits of post in one day and they are all knitting related.

Anyway, Rowan... I do think they've gone a bit Boho. Letting Fassett on the Sienna Miller look. It had to happen sometime. Seriously, there is got some nice stuff if you think through the photography which is just a little too "June 2005" for me. You'd have thought Rowan had enough nouce to realise that look would appear more than dated by now.

GetKnitted and Curious Yarns feel the need to include sweeties (always a good sign in a yarn company) so I have a sugar boost to curl up with the Rowan book. That and a cup of tea I think. The picture may paint a very spring-like image, but its snowing out there. I was thinking of going to the V&A late show tonight, but forgot to ask anyone to join me and didn't feel like going on my ownsome. So I'm gong to finish my mother's socks and cast on for another (self designed) pair. There's no sign of wool for the secret project and I can't start Graddad's socks till the flame is lit, so I might as well use the Angel sockyarn I've had since December and try a different heel technique.


Lolly said...

Thanks for the notes on the new Rowan 39 - I have not seen it yet. I love how you dated the photography style to exactly a month and a year ;)

Great new yarns too!

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