Thursday, February 02, 2006


I have VERY exciting news but it has to be a secret (a pattern of mine has been accepted somewhere...) so for now all I'll cheer about is that my second parcel to the lady I'm Secret Pal-ing was yet another success. I've made her next gift, which is a needle case, my first sewing machine project since childhood, compleated with a set of Lantern Moon 4mms, but I should hold off actually posting it for now.

Also, in her thank you email she said she was going for a job in science outreach - we have so much in common! I really hope I can meet her when I go to New York next year. Don't know if she'd want to meet me though, that's the odd thing about Secret Pal, you know loads about the person you are spoiling but the other side of the relationship is compleately anonymous. Its like when you look out of windows at night (when one side is a window and the other has turned into a mirror by unequal lighting).

Been playing with my fairy-easy faire isle and chosen the yarn, going for a pale blue to match the "forrest green" as the MC, which is making the whole thing look quite minty. I'm still deciding whether to use the fair isle pattern in SnB Nation, or use one based on the lovely books my Secret Pal sent me. Mmm... its such a chunky gage, don't think it could take anything too complex.

Oh and darn it, where's the new AntiCraft I had it in my diary and everthing.

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