Sunday, February 19, 2006

shucks, socks

My Olympic progress has improved, helped muchly by a trip to Kent and back on thursday and knitflicks yesterday, I've finished two socks! Not of the same pair, but two socks nonetheless. And two half-done's on the needles.

I'll leave posting about them till I have a complete pair done. So the photo above is from a book the boy gave me for Valentine's. Not the one about poo, its called Woman's World, its a novel written entirely out of bits of text cut out of 1960's woman's magazines. Its by the guy who does lost consonants series in the Guardian, and hilarious. Thought I'd post it here, as the crafty knitting community is the sort of place to appreciate such things.

Right now I'm making the boy act as a swift while I ball some yarn. His payment for this will be a cherry and almond muffin, which I'm about to take out the oven. Then I'm taking the rest of the batch down the road for knitting with some livejournal/ Bustie types.

Oh, and shucks, such nice comments about the cardigan. Thank you knitting bloggers!


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