Thursday, February 09, 2006


I admit it, I caved. I started another project. One of the socks I was planning for the olympics. And I did this terrible deed without first finishing the chunky cardi. In my defence, I had three days away from home with loads of sitting in buses and simply not enough space in my bag to carry a half knit chunky cardi.

However, I have more than enough "unassembled socks" around, so I've just promoted one of these to the place left by Pomatomus. Starting this sock early has helped me gage my sock knitting speed though, to think through the plausability of my Olympian plan. I guess it counts as "training". I've decided my "handicap" will be that I can only knit in public. Because this allows me to have a "home" project, I have the possibility of finishing the cardi soon, which is good because it's all coming together and feeling yummy and I want to wrap myself in it.

I'm loving the Pomatomus pattern, it is a bit of a challenge but not an confusing one, it has logic and rhythem to it once you get going. I'm not entirely convinced its the best pattern for my insistance to adapt every dpn project to magic-loop, but I'm hoping any of these issues will go with blocking. The Angel sockyarn is great to work with too - for all the issues we all may be having with Angel at the moment, they do good sock yarn. I'm using "pine" which looks a sort of teal at first, but shimmers with silvers, blues and even golds depending on the light. The colours look especially pretty on the gold and silver of my addi turbos. The fish-scale quality of the yarn was what made me put it with Pomatomus; when last Knitty came out that pattern immediately put me in mind of mermaids.

I also went to the knitting group at the British Library for the first time today, seeing as I was free from teaching for once. So nice! Lovely people, will definitely go again. Plus, Sir Roger Penrose sat behind me. He wasn't knitting, just sitting in the canteen, but I'm sure if he did knit it would be amazing.

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