Thursday, February 23, 2006

sweat pea?

Isn't it funny how your opinions of a project can chop and change so much?

I decided I make socks for my friend K (n.b. I'm not doing the whole fake name in the blog thing, she actually goes under the one letter). It's her 24th this weekend and she's going round the world at Easter. Handknitted socks are just perfect for the traveller, giving me an excuse to get my greedy knitters fingers on some Curious Yarns sock wool and pop my Jaywalker cherry to boot.

When the yarn arrived I was even more excited, the colours reminded me of a photo we'd taken of our feet in Florida a few years back (K and I have many photos of our feet, ahem, another reason why socks were the perfect present). Curious Yarns have a "doubleskein" thing going on - they send you 75g of a MC and 25g of a CC for toes, heels and cuffs. It’s 100% wool, machine washable and yummy.

About an hour in I was loving the pattern, but feeling less enamoured with the yarn. The colours were nice, just not together. Not so bad I'd dump the project, but it was bugging me, the shine of perfect had gone. By the next day I decided I didn't like the pattern either. I know this is about as sacrilegious as criticising the clapotis, hey it lacks stretch! But... the time I'd finished the second sock I'd been totally converted. The colours worked when the cuff was balanced by the heel and the toe, and the pattern - I take it all back, it showed off the yarn so well and snugly hugs around the foot. I started mentally writing my blog entry for the completed project, waxing lyrical about the loveliness of the yarn, etc and speedily cast on the second.

Finished now, its not flawless - the shine of perfection was lost in the idea rather than the reality of the project. Curious Yarn's cute idea of a small skein? Well, I was four rounds short of yarn. As it happens the end of the toe in the MC was ok for this colour combination, but I think I'll stick to the single-skeins in future. So, overall, I'm quite proud. They are super-comfy, and will be just delicious for travelling in.

And don't worry K, I took this shot BEFORE I washed them.


kerrie said...

hi there - sorry, my magkntis emails are totally out of control again. Yes, go ahead and use your own yarn. I promise you a proper reply soon. thanks for being patient!

Daisy said...

Oooh those look lovely! Which colourway is it in the Curious Yarns? Did you do the smaller or larger size of Jaywalkers? I got on OK with mine in the smaller size using Curious Yarns.

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