Saturday, February 11, 2006

And they're off... (team knitting-in-public edition)

So I started the Olympics a bit later than everyone else, but my flatmate and I took our knitting to a local cafe this morning and I cast on my first pair of socks.

I feel a bit like a self publicist with this knitting in public thing. There was a post on Live Journal punk_knitters recently saying how much fun it is to knit in public; the funny looks you get, the way you impress everyone. At first this really surprised me because the last thing I think about is the audience. It might sound odd, but I learnt to knit to give me something to do on the bus - so it just turns out that I do most of my knitting in public. Thinking about it though, it is kind of fun knowing people are watching you knit and wondering how it all works.

Anyway, from my daily click through knitting blogland there seem to be loads of people feeling they'll probably have to "go public" with their Olympic projects just to get it all done in time. We seem to have several sock knitters in the team, which makes sense as socks are such a portable project. Stacy, the "Empty Nest Knitter" from team Texas, is representing team dpn for her first socks. Lars, one of those lesser-spotted male-knitters, is another first sock-er. Good luck to them, once you've turned your first heel there's no going back.

One of the things that LiveJournal post picked up on was how its especially fun knitting on dpns because they look so very impressive to non-knitters. Personally I magic-loop, which I think looks so weird most people don't realise it's knitting. I was working some gloves on the tube once and these two ladies sat opposite me spent a good ten minutes arguing whether I was doing crochet (and yes, they pronounced the "t").

In the non sock public-knitting world, Kat (who's doing a grey Samus, from the looks of it) had picture of Olympic torch last time I checked her site, so obviously all go! Another Stacy is a challenging herself with button holes and a hood. And Lise, Yarn Mom of team Maryland (and team off the cuff, brave lady) is doing an amazing Where's Waldo sweater. I love stuff like that, my flatmate's doing the most georgous wonder woman jumper at the moment.


TutleyMutley said...

Sorry - just spotted your bit about knitting on the bus and it brought a memory flooding back. I once got on a bus, taking my knitting with me - or so I thought. Another passenger pointed out that I'd left the ball of wool at the busstop - and it was trailing out behind me. I'm sure I was beetroot as I stood in the doorway reeling it in.

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