Monday, February 27, 2006

shhhh, its science

I spent my lunchbreak with pencil and paper at the Science Museum today.

What could that possibly have to do with knitting?


But to give specifics would just be telling. You are allowed the one clue: I bought yarn this weekend. Jaeger Matchmaker DK, four whole balls of merino goodness in 655 (burgundy) and 730 (loden). Right, that's all you are getting.

Apart from this red-herring of a photo and the news that this appears to be out. Even in blighty.

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acechick said...

that is one seriously good picture. I love that it captures so much of london in an innocent street shot: The bustle conveyed by the iconic cab; the beautiful lettering on the tea shop, fading and decrepid; the shop next door and the garbage on the street.

Well done.