Thursday, March 16, 2006

a couple of FOs, a couple of WIPs

Finished the "brighton rock" socks! Am very pleased with them. The picture was taken at 7:55 this morning at West Dulwich station, much to the amusement of several kids on their way to school.

Yarn: one small (50g) skein of fyberspates sockyarn in "brighton rock" and some magic anti-tickle merino 4ply
Pattern: toe-up, changing yarns for body and cuffs, toes and heels. I also did a 1x1 twisted rib (i.e. knit the knits through the back loop) to finish off.

Since last downloading photos, I finished another pair of socks, again with the fyberspates sockyarn. This was similar, but with green. And the green pooled something chronic. I love the colour combo though - I have quite a bit of both yarns left over, so I thought I'd stripe them together which should get the nice bits of green amongst the red and pinks and it'll look all lovely. I should have some other reds and pinks left over soon enough, so will probably put together an odds and ends pair of socks.


And the WIPs? The stripy socks idea is working. Well. Really well, but I'm holding out on this for now, I'll probably put out the pattern if it does work. Just on craftster or something, not submitting it anywhere.

Pictured is... a garter stitch scarf. On big needles. Well, 6.5mm, which is big for me - my idea of a nice fast chunky knit is 4.25mm.

I've had this wool in my stash for months, and before then it spent several years in sunny Kilburn living in my mother's knitting bag. I think its Colinette Prism, but it lost its label a long time back. I'd tried a few swatches of various stitch patterns, with several different garments in mind.

In the end garter stitch scarf was just what fitted the yarn. Plus it'll be a perfect project to take to knitflicks on saturday (its Capote!). I love the way it looks, it reminds me of ivy - hence the photo, I got all inspired taking pictures of trees on my walk home through Dulwich this evening.

Sometimes being a skilled knitter is knowing when to break out the garter stitch. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


Anonymous said...

that ivy scarf is so cute! go garter stitch

x, annie

Kelly said...

Mmm... socks. My sock knitting starter kit is on its way from web of wool. Expect tears!

amy said...

I really like the textures in your photos

jess said...

Those socks are lovely! Very like Brighton rock... I am off to eye out the yarn.

I love the idea that you almost had a kid lit chat with that man...

alltangledup said...

what a stunning pair of socks... the fyberspates yarn looks lovely. I also noticed that you're done with the Pom socks too... very pretty. I'm magic looping them too... but I'm not going to admit this too loudly.. I dread leading new knitters astray and the eventual pouts should they get it all muddled.