Monday, March 20, 2006

four things...

I am really busy this week with academic-work type things, so not a huge amount of knitting happening. Plus most of the knitting I am doing isn't ready for its close-up quite yet. But this picture hits project spectrum buttons if nothing else.

I've been tagged by the delightful Emmie which is the perfect excuse for brief distraction from my marking. It's (probably) not the "four things" questions you think it is...

Four jobs I wish I had in my lifetime:
1. Kaffe Fassett's colour therapist
2. Lorna (her of the Laces)'s checker for pooling type effects
3. Chief librarian for a big knitting library (imaginary) one where you could chat, and drink coffee in, and where knitting groups from all over the world would travel to for special meetings (or ooo, we could video-link SnBitchers, how exciting) as well as books on shelves we'd have gage swatches so you could see how different yarns looked knitted up in different stitches.
4. Rowan's yarn sniffer (all yarn should be sniffed)

Four movies I cannot watch over and over:
... I can't really answer this because I don't watch anything "over and over"

Four TV programmes I hate to watch:
1. "Celebrity" reality stuff
2. the news when it makes me cry, I prefer to cry to the radio
3. *shhh, I didn't say this* science documentaries - hey it feels like work
4. nearly anything with Steven Fry in it, though there are a few exceptions.

Four places I wish I could live:
1. Sydney
2. Edinburgh
3. Wimbledon (I had a dream about it a few weeks ago and it made sense, I think its because I like West London and trams, and I never litter)
4. My own house, one that I could afford a mortgage for. In London, central-ish, near a tube station and park, which was structurally sound without a damp problem, preferably on the Victoria Line, with nice quiet neighbours and a great local knitting group. But I'm not fussy, a flat near a train station would do, it's the affordable mortgage that's the really wishful bit.

Four places I’ve never been on holiday to:
1. Anywhere in South America - I was going to go in my gap year when I was 18, but I got all distracted with the job at the Science Museum.
2. Anywhere in Asia - I did a stop in Singapore airport once, doesn't count
3. New Zealand - and I'd LOVE to, one day once the PhD's done
4. Ireland - and there is no excuse, I grew up in Kilburn for god's sake.

Four websites I visit daily, without fail:
1. BBC
2. livejournal
3. googlemail (UK gmail)
4. this one (hey, its where I have my knitting blog links, no narcissism here, promise)

Four least favourite types of yarn:
1. Rowan lurex - it tangles and is scratchy and why Rowan, why?
2. Kidsilk haze - don't like working with it, don't like wearing it, don't like washing it. It is lovely to look at though. Absolutely gorgeous and goes really far. I heart Rowan really.
3. Gedifra's "Barocco" - *simply shivers* why Liberty's stock this I don't know.
4. Stuff in my stash I haven't knit with yet, I hate having a stash, it makes me feel guilty. I'll love it again when I start a project with it, but at the moment its looking at me, making me feel bad.

I refuse to call it a meme, I did an essay on the sociology of memetrics as an undergrad - it left me with "issues". I won't tag anyone, but anyone who reads this can consider themselves semi-tagged. More a "tap" or a "nudge" than a tag.

Right, back to googling images of Dinosaurs and all that Rubbish for my conference presentation.


amy said...

i love trams too :)

don't know if you could knit on the south london trams that well though, I have enough issues with the bendy buses

jess said...

hope the affordable mortgage in London wih comes true at some point in your future! I was lucky, fell in love with and got hitched to someone who already had the affordable London mortgage... ;-)

itslikearuin said...

Hehe, your knitting library job-wish is exactly the same as mine. I have plans to start something like that in Oxford when I have to settle down.

Anonymous said...

hey! Those socks look great! I have no idea thats what it would look like knitted up. love it with the solid colours.
jeni Fyberspates

Cutie said...

I love all of your answers, thanks for doing the meme!

I really love the yarn sniffing- I am going to try that right now!


Mmmm... woolly!

Emms :)

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