Thursday, March 30, 2006

SP goodies!

So about 10 minutes after pressing "post" for my last entry, upstair's dog starts barking and there's a knock at the door...

Its Mr Post Man and he's carrying a parcel from Estonia! (My SP is Estonian - ooo so exciting). She emailed me a while back to say she was a bit busy in Febuary but I'd get a extra big double March package, and she meant it - its ENOURMOUS!

Inside were five numbered packages and a "table of contents" (a contents for a package, ooo so exciting). All beautifully wrapped. It's my birthday in a couple of weeks and I'm sure if my flatmate was here I'm sure she'd make me keep one of the boxes until then. But she's not... ha, let the opening begin!

So first up, entitled "help": row counters, coloured note-tabs, tape measure, honey handcream from Russia and an amazing design notebook (I think I'll do a whole post on this sometime, it includes pages with two different sizes of squares and outlines of bodys for sketching garments) - how did she know I'd just finished both a set of note-tabs and my knitting notebook - Secret Pals are magic!

Number 2 "glitter" is beads! Along with beading chord and a clasp - really lovely purple-based beads too (well lots of colours, they shimmer!). Beading is my first love, I only took to knitting for its portability. In fact my bead stash is nearly as bad as my knitting one... Number 3 "feeling good" - lovely candles that make me think of spring. I'm going to hold off photographing till the start of April as they are just perfect for Project Spectrum,

Number 4 "sweet tooth" - as soon as I pick this up this I can smell the chocolate... mmmm. Coffee too, and I was just about to put a pot on (I swear, there is some psychic think going on with Secret Pals, I managed to send Veronique needles in the exact size she was using for a big WIP).

And... number 5 "what it's all about!". What is it all about? KNITTING of course! Purple Finnish sockyarn, some black and white cotton/ acrylic mix that feels lovely, some georgous red and green Russian yarn that just glows (its hard to tell in photo, but its luminous) and... she made me a pin and bracelet!

This final box also included a postcard of Tallinn which shows were she lives. So far I've known her as "Riietaja", but she's called Marion and her blog (which my flatmate said she'd found and I was trying to be good and not check through the SP Participant list for...) is vardakeerutaja. Go look - she has English in her posts!

I'm sure I've used up my monthly allowance of exclamation marks in this post, so I'm going to make a cup of coffee, cast on a pair of falling leaves with the purple sockyarn and relax. Thank you Secret Pal!


amy said...

Wow! you have a great secret pal - its cool how international it is.

Veronique said...

Instead of bad karma turning around and biting you in the ass, you've got good karma! You gave great gifts and you're getting great gifts in return.

vardakeerutaja said...

WHEW! Seems I wasn't so bad firsttimer after all. LOL!
I really needed to read all those nice comments after long hard night at work.Thank you!

Jess said...

wow, that green yarn looks lovely

Secret Pal looks so much fun, but I don't think I'd update enough to start my own blog. Un un-updated blog looks so sad and lonely I think :) Maybe I'll join that that oneskein one, you don't need a blog for that.

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