Friday, March 03, 2006


I finished Pomatomus this week. I really like this pattern.

For one, it looks amazing. They ripple over your feet.

Contrary to popular opinion, it did work using magic loop, although the pattern involves some stitch re-arranging which are written with dpns in mind, so more than a bit of dpn-visualisation was required. It wasn't a quick knit, but more of a "process knitter" anyway - the lace pattern is hard enough to be entertaining but logical enough you can work out where you are and when you've gone wrong. Like many patterns, the second one was a lot quicker because I knew what all these instructions were there to achieve.

The yarn helped, it suits the pattern so well. Partly because of the shimmery grey-green-blue (photography won't do the colouring justice) but also because its warm and fluffy yet with reasonably good stitch definition. I used Angel sockyarn in "pine". I know Angel are getting slagged off a bit at the moment (including by me, grrrr) but I was so pleased with this stuff, I'll risk them again. Well, I'll see how it copes to the copious quantity of wear I plan to give these socks first.

The twisted rib flows through the lace design, making wondrously stretchy socks. In fact I think I could have made them smaller. I may frog them down an inch or so and re-do the toes to make them shorter at least, but I'll see what its like after they've been through a wash or two - its not so baggy it uncomfortable. Still, my gage can be on the big side, so I might use 2mm dpns when I make more pomatomi. Which I will. In fact I have the yarn in my stash already. It is also green.


Cutie said...

beautiful! they look like stormy seas... i love it~


itslikearuin said...

Wow, those are amazing!
I'm itfeelslikerain from Brit_knits and Punk_knitters.. just started a knitting blog. Is it ok if I link to you when I get round to it?

Dixie said...

Congrats! They look great -- now I have the uncontrollable urge to go finish my own Pomatomus. :)

2paw said...

Your socks are lovely!! My frieds and I call them Hippo socks!! I do love the way the pattern is just like scales and it does ripple so nicely!!!

LittleMissMeshell said...

These are gorgeous! The pattern is just amazing, I am definitely learning how to do socks soon now after I've seen these :)
Thanks for your comment, nice and positive, which is what I need...I'll just dream about cake for awhile longer until I'm more stable hey, lol :)
Again, great socks (and blog).
MissMeshell xx

Steph said...

Lovely, especially in that soft heathered color. It's such an addictive pattern, now that I have Pomatomus gloves, I want the socks too.

invertir en oro said...

My frieds and I call them Hippo socks!! I do love the way the pattern is just like scales and it does ripple so nicely!!!