Thursday, March 09, 2006


I took this photo while my train was standing at Ashford International Station today. I teach at the agricultural college at Wye on thursdays - it involves a long train journey there and back and much knitting gets done.

I'm using a small (50g) skein of fyberspates sockyarn in "brighton rock" bulked out with some bright pink magic anti-tickle merino 4ply for toes, heels and cuff. I'm doing a standard toe-up mindless knit, so I was reading while I worked, hence the book its resting on. It's the latest Lemony Snicket. If you've not read them, don't let the movie put you off, these books are outstanding. This one is set in a huge hotel with rooms based on the Dewey Decimal Classification System. Fantastic.

I'm pretty sure the guy I was sitting opposite was this author. Whatever, he was reading Harriet the Spy and I could tell he was eyeing my pile of kids books. I wanted to start talking to him, but some really loud teenagers got on so we both moved seats in different directions.


amy said...

hotel based on Dewey? cool.

amy (a librarian knitter)

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