Sunday, May 28, 2006

dna blanket FO

This blanket was my mother's idea. I'd named the Rosalind scarf after a cousin of mine. As Rosalind-the-person is about to have a baby, mum thought Rosalind-the-scarf should too, and suggested a baby blanket. The final piece should have the same name as the baby, but mum forgot to check the spelling, so its either called Claire, Clare, Clur or Clair (or another spelling I've not encountered - maybe if a Middler is reading they could tell us!).

Designwise, I used the chunky chart from the original scarf pattern, but for dk weight wool so it only measures a few cm's wide. Then I picked up from the side and worked the main part using a lacey crochet stitch which I'm saying I came up with myself.

Some might think this crochet stitch was formed by accidentally forgetting the difference between British and American crochet nomenclature and so mis-reading the Happy Hooker, but they'd just be cynical old poos. Ahem. Then I single crocheted round in the CC to bring it all together.

I think it worked well in the end, although all that white and yellow meant I kept getting cravings for a boiled egg.


Veronique said...

Mixing crochet and knitting? How bold of you! It adds interesting texture to the blanket.

auntie anne said...

a lovely baby blanket. as the soon to be born bairn's distant auntie, i am going to weigh in and say it will be your first spelling choice "Claire."
but Rosalind will have to confirm. i'm sure she's already bought a wooden puzzle of her daughter's name with the chosen spelling. although i haven't seen it.

...thinking about our international knitting swap. can't wait to get home to shop in my yarn baskets.

Gina said...

Fab blanket!

jess said...

what a lovely idea!

jess said...

That blanket is great (I do agree abouth the egg thing, I must go and boild one now!)

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