Friday, May 26, 2006

in the bag

my backpack, its blue
I've been tagged by Marion my Estonian SP7. Apparently Estonian bloggers have been doing lots of shots of the insides of their bags. Luckily, not only did I have a camera in my bag but my latest FO - so this nose into my luggage can include some knitting content.

Above you can see the bag itself. All cower to its huge and stuffed-to-brim-ness. No laptop today, so its actually quite light for once. Plus I'm having an amazing two nights in a row of sleeping in my own bed, so no shots of dirty panties today, sorry.

handbag contentsContents of front pocket, the handbag-type bit. Pens - please note the getknitted biro and purple board-marker for teaching. Purse, lipbalms, ipod (yes, that is a non-knitted ipod case, it was a present and its too amazing to knit a replacement) Imperial College id card, keys phone and funky Guardian travelcard holder.

The first of the two large pockets contains gym-kit, which you don't really need to see. There are trousers, a small towel and a tshirt. I wasn't going to show you the sports bra anyway.

toiletriesHiding under the kit is a small internal pocket where I keep toiletries stuff like shampoo for after gym, cocoa butter etc.

This pocket seems to collect various forms of anti-cold and anti-lactose tablets too.

back pocketFinally, the back pocket spilling out onto the desk. A few books for research, a big package full of presents to be posted to a friend and my makeup case. The purple bag with a panda on it is my knitting bag - you can't see inside there because it's full of secret Bakerloo stuff. And the yellow and white thing in the front is the baby blanket I've just finished for my cousin, as her mum's passing through London today.

It's a shame the inside of my knitting bag is classified. I'm quite intrigued to know what other people have in theirs too. So I won't tag anyone's hand/day-bag but if anyone reading this wants to flash their knitting bag on their blog, consider themselves well and truely tagged.

Will do proper FO shots of the DNA blanket in a day or so.


vardakeerutaja said...

I can see, why you need big bag!

ofpinsandneedles said...

And I thought I carried around the kitchen sink.... ;)

Anonymous said...

i'm surprised you have room for knitting! where do you put the laptop?

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